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Horse Racing Tipster

Our goal is simple: help both experienced and new punters in horse racing to profit in the long term with the best possible horse racing using the most advanced artificial intelligence sports data.

Our artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms compile race data every day and predict the races best possible outcomes. These Selections have an edge over Sportsbooks as it predicts strictly based on AI-fueled predictive data models.

Horse race betting is full of potentials, and with the Best horse racing tipster and a good betting strategy, you are sure of making a good profit in the long term.

The long term objective is to make profits for punters who are serious about making money over a longer period & not simply looking for a quick fix.

horse racing tipster
horse racing tipster

Predictive Data Driven AI brings innovation to horse racing Betting

For decades, Horse racing punters have relied on human sentiments, manual research, and analysis to make their predictions, which have not been favorable to the majority. As a result, we have come up with an AI-fueled predictive data model that is guaranteed to perform better. Below is how to get started and how we operate.

Predictive AI Models

  • Subscribe to any of our Best horse racing tipster services to have an edge over an average punter.

  • Our AI Selections will be posted daily from 11.30 pm the night before the race, which you can  access with your username & password.

  • Our AI selections are built on data, analytics, and different mathematical algorithms through artificial intelligence, which guarantee success in the long run.

  • All selections are 100% data-driven—NO HUMAN BIAS.

  • All our models have basic features that are the same. However, there are additional features that are exclusive to each model to make it unique.

Open. Honest. Transparent.

Our platform prides itself in becoming the most successful horse racing tipster without editing or deleting Horse racing tipster reviews

We provide results of our bets daily irrespective of the outcome (win or lose)

How to bet with AI Horse Racing Tipster

Step 1

Betting Bank.

Many skilled gamblers prefer to have a pre-determined betting bank from which they put all of their wagers. Since all winnings and losses come from the same bank, they can easily keep track of profit and loss.


You may have a betting bank of £1000.

Step 2

Unit/Point Stakes

Assigning unit stakes to bets may be beneficial because it encourages restraint and reduces the likelihood of a case being overbet. A maximum and minimum unit stake, ranging from one to twenty units, is often used. A unit may be £1, £10, £100, or even more, depending on the severity of the punter. Points are the most common name for these units.


betting bank £1000 / 200 (which is our recommended units for our service) = Each point is worth £5 

Step 3


After working out your point/unit per bet.  

1) Visit https://www.aitipster.co.uk/ 

2) Check which selections our models have selected. 

3) Go to your bookmaker. Select all the selections.


4) Bet WIN Only 

5) Stake you worked out per bet. 


of betting using 5£ stake per bet.

What time do you post your horse racing tips?

Our selection will be updated at 11:30pm every day.

How much do your horse racing tips cost?

We offer a free horse racing predictions which is fully free; no registration or personal information is needed. They're available for viewing on this page or in our YouTube videos.

Our paid horse racing subscription is £20.99 monthly. 

We will automatically refund your subscription fee for any losing month we have.

Today's, Tomorrow's, and Next Week's Horse Racing Tips

Since horse races take place almost every day of the year – with the exception of Christmas – horse racing punters have a high demand for tips everyday. This is why we strive to find the best horse racing tips on all races around the United Kingdom and Ireland. It's worth returning to this page every day for a selection of top horse racing tips from small and large races, as we'll try to add horse racing tips for tomorrow as soon as we get the data.

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