Frequently asked questions

Our AI recommendations are based on data, analytics, and various mathematical algorithms to provide you with the best horse racing tips. We also provide free horse racing tips for all major horse racing festivals in the United Kingdom and Ireland, including the Cheltenham Festival, the Grand National, and Royal Ascot. You can find all of our current horse racing tips on this page.

How to bet with AI Tipster

Step 1

Betting Bank.

Many skilled gamblers prefer to have a pre-determined betting bank from which they put all of their wagers. Since all winnings and losses come from the same bank, they can easily keep track of profit and loss.


You may have a betting bank of £1000.

Step 2

Unit/Point Stakes

Assigning unit stakes to bets may be beneficial because it encourages restraint and reduces the likelihood of a case being overbet. A maximum and minimum unit stake, ranging from one to twenty units, is often used. A unit may be £1, £10, £100, or even more, depending on the severity of the punter. Points are the most common name for these units.


betting bank £1000 / 200 (which is our recommended units for our service) = Each point is worth £5 

Step 3


After working out your point/unit per bet.  

1) Visit 

2) Check which selections our models have selected. 

3) Go to your bookmaker. Select all the selections.


4) Bet WIN Only 

5) Stake you worked out per bet. 


of betting using 5£ stake per bet.


How do I access your tips?

You will get access to the "Ai Models" page, when you have purchased the monthly subscription. 


Cancellation Policy

A member takes full responsibility for managing their subscriptions, which can easily be done via the member page on the member's dashboard. All AI Tipster Services provide 14-day trials free of charge when the subscriber buys any of the services for the first time. After the 14 days elapse, a monthly recurring membership at the standard rate of £20.99 per month will automatically recur on subsequent months on the initial sign-up date OR the date the 14 days elapsed for a first-time buyer.

Members can terminate their membership at any time.

If a member fails to cancel their membership within the trial period of 14 days, AI Tipster will only refund a recurring payment under exceptional circumstances, and the member must contact us to request a refund.


What time will the selections be posted?

Selections are generally posted before 11:30pm the night before. 


Recommended Betting bank?

200 point bank is recommended!



AI Tipster will only refund a recurring payment under exceptional circumstances and the member must contact us to request a refund.

We will automatically refund your subscription fee for any losing month we have.

This means, if at the end of the month all 4 models combined ends up in a loss to Betfair starting price, we will refund your subscription fee.