In horse racing, what does 'PULLED UP' mean?

You would know that it is riddled with its own special vocabulary that explains the various aspects of the sport if you are a fan of horse racing.

In horse racing, one of the most popular words is 'pulled up', but what does it mean? Read on as we look more closely.

Horses Health

In racing, animal health is highly critical and the jockeys play a significant role in ensuring that the horses during a race are well looked after.

For different reasons, including exhaustion, illness, danger of sustaining an injury and breathing problems, horses may be pulled up.

A moment away, Heartbreak might be

A catastrophic example of the risks that horses take as they run in races was presented by the 2019 Cheltenham Festival.

After posting two impressive victories at Leopardstown earlier in the season, Sir Erec was a strongly sponsored favorite for the Triumph Hurdle.

During the chase, he was near the head of the field, but was pulled up quickly by jockey Mark Walsh after jumping the fourth hurdle. The horse had one of its legs severely broken and unfortunately had to be put down, bringing a cloud on the remainder of the race day.


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