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Responsibilities of Subscribers

By using the website or application or creating an account with our platform, now or at any point in the future, you agree to be within the legal gambling age of your jurisdiction.

Subscribers to any of AI Tipster services MUST be over 18 years of age.


Cancellation Policy

A member takes full responsibility for managing their subscriptions, which can easily be done via the member page on the member's dashboard. All AI Tipster Services provide 14-day trails free of charge when the subscriber buys any of the services for the first time. After the 14 days elapses, a monthly recurring membership at the standard rate of £20 per month will automatically recur on subsequent months on the initial sign-up date OR the date the 14 days elapsed for a FIRST-time buyer.

Members can terminate their membership at any time.

If a member fails to cancel their membership within the trial period of 14 days, AI Tipster will only refund a recurring payment under exceptional circumstances, and the member must contact us to request a refund.



AI Tipster takes no responsibility for and accepts no liability for any losses that you incur following our predictions. Betting by nature is a volatile investment, and you will experience losing as well as winning. Past performance is not an indication of future results. It is not an investment advice.



All services sold on the AI Tipster are intended for and must only be used by a registered member. If you are found redistributing Predictions/Selections or content through any method including, but not limited to, social media, printing, or emailing, your membership will be canceled with immediate effect. You will also be banned from using our services in the future. We may also commence legal proceedings if we have reason to believe that you have profited from the sale of our content.


Information about us

AITipster.co.uk is operated by AI TIPSTER Limited. We are registered in England with company number 13091276